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ocean Games

Fish Life
You are a small green fish that must face many predators. Survive as long as you can by using the arrow keys to avoid fish and objects.
Category: Action | Source: Fish Life | Plays: 26977 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

My New Town
Country, city, ocean, or space—where will your town building take place??
Category: Customize | Source: My New Town | Plays: 17180 | Score: 5.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Ocean Fishing
Catch as many fishes as you can for 1:30 minutes and earn score points
Category: Sports | Source: Ocean Fishing | Plays: 16104 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Star Fish
It's an aquatic adventure as you speed below the sea to catch those pesky star fish.
Category: Action | Source: Star Fish | Plays: 15561 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Beautiful Mermaid Dress Up
This beautiful girl is a magical princess who lives at the bottom of the ocean. She is a mermaid and the daughter of the Ocean King. She is the most beautiful mermaid in the kingdom! Everybody loves and admires her. Now you can become her friend and play this cool dress up game by choosing the look you like for her. Dress her up, choose the colored tail and hairstyle you like best and some gorgeous jeweleries for her!
Category: Dress-Up | Source: Beautiful Mermaid Dress Up | Plays: 86081 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Mermaid Princess
Help the Mermaid Princess get dressed for the royal swim through the ocean!
Category: Dress-Up | Source: Mermaid Princess | Plays: 19206 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Resort Online
Resort is a new exciting game from Realore Studios! Build your own tourist business! Camping on a lake shore, skiing in Alps, hot safari in Kenia, diving in Pacific ocean – tourists are so exited about it! Variety of upgrades, additional services and colorful locations! Provide the best service ever! Become a winner of a unique Resort Contest!
Category: Action | Source: Resort Online | Plays: 74486 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Ocean Catch Match
Your crazy Uncle Ned has collected various sea creatures and other items from the ocean, but he needs your help to sort them all out before he can continue with his work! Find matching pairs by clicking the question marks, the faster you get this done the better! Your Uncle Ned doesn't have all day!
Category: Puzzles | Source: Ocean Catch Match | Plays: 18505 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Wind Surfer Jigsaw
Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle featuring a Windsurfer in the Pacific Ocean. Get the fastest time and score higher than everyone else. There are five different difficulty levels to choose from for all skill levels of jigsaw players. Simple has 9 pieces, Easy has 49 pieces, Medium has 100 pieces, Hard has 225 pieces, and Extreme has 225 pieces plus the pieces rotate and have mixed edges.
Category: Jigsaw | Source: Wind Surfer Jigsaw | Plays: 23252 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Dirty Bubble Busters
Sponge Bob challenges the evil dirty bubbles of the ocean. Use the underwater super dust catcher to help the sponge bob sending the stars to overthrow and all invading Beachs dirt. Can you keep the bikini beach ocean clean?
Category: Action | Source: Dirty Bubble Busters | Plays: 22632 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Polar Bear Racing
In this game you race against the other polar bears in a lap competition. The difficult (and fun) part of polar bear racing is that you have to avoid the ice and stay in the middle of the ocean otherwise you get caught up and slow down! You'll need some time before you can master polar bear racing.
Category: Driving | Source: Polar Bear Racing | Plays: 35191 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Zeyanna Dress Up
Zeyanna is a mermaid who lives in the depths of the Atlantic ocean. She truly loves her home under the sea, but is eager to explore what lies above. She is planning to travel with her friends to go above land and explore every continent when they finally turn 18. Until then, she will just dream
Category: Dress-Up | Source: Zeyanna Dress Up | Plays: 35720 | Score: 2.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

The ocean is huge but the octopus is even bigger!! Sir. Octopus has taken over the sea and is eating anyone who comes in the sea it turns out he needs you help. Little did you know people have been trying to torment the sea creatures and sir octopus is protecting them! It is your job to help him get rid of these pesky humans!
Category: Action | Source: Octopus | Plays: 36025 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Fishing Girl
Reel in those fish one by one as you attempt to save a boy who's trapped on the other side of the ocean. Earnings from caught fish can be spent on better rods and lures. Once you've set yourself up with some great fishing gear, it's time to think of a way to save the boy lost on the island. The game has two different endings, try to find them both!
Category: Adventure | Source: Fishing Girl | Plays: 27474 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

All around the world, in every ocean, marine life is vanishing due to pollution by humans. ChiChi, is a very special fish, he was born with the unique gift of being able to clean up coral reefs. He's ability to convert toxics into harmless particles with his little air bubbles make him a very special eco-hero. Chi Chi is the planets last ray of hope, help him make the difference, and learn about what damages have to be stopped. We have, but only, One Earth.
Category: Action | Source: chichi | Plays: 15797 | Score: 2.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

Deadly Jaws
The only way to understand the Great White shark is to think like one this game allows you to get in the mind of the great white shark! You will have to eat fish and swim the the deep ocean sea! This game is surprisingly fun and addictive you wont be able to stop eating fish! .
Category: Action | Source: Deadly Jaws | Plays: 173209 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: ocean Games

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